Oversized Haulage Manchester and London

Oversized road transport, Oversized Haulage Manchester – regulations:
In Poland, a few years ago, regulations came into force that regulated the principles of organizing various types of specialized transport, including oversize transport. According to the law, an abnormal vehicle is a vehicle or group of vehicles that exceeds the permissible standards, including: regarding dimensions and weight, specified in the Act of 20 June 1997 - Road Traffic Law. Driving such a vehicle is allowed only after obtaining an appropriate permit, which is issued by the competent administrative authority. During the journey from Manchester, the conditions specified in the permit and the laws regulating road traffic must be observed. The driver must have all necessary travel permits.

Often, such Oversized Haulage Manchester also needs to be piloted and the presence of a person regulating road traffic is necessary. It is also obvious that the driver of a non-standard vehicle must be particularly careful. In this case, the risk of damage to various parts of the road, such as roundabouts, should be taken into account. When organizing oversize transport, you should have very good knowledge of the Road Traffic Act and adhere to the standards specified by the regulations. When planning the route that oversize vehicles must cover, roads with the appropriate permissible load of a single drive axle should be taken into account. Polish regulations describe in quite detail the standards specified for a given road, because due to their size and weight, oversized transports often exceed the standards specified in the regulation of the Minister of Transport. Restrictions on roads with permissible axle loads for cars exceeding those provided for in the regulations result from high costs or the risk of damage to the road surface.

Permits necessary for oversize transport like Oversized Haulage Manchester:
As you already know, professionally and timely oversized road transport requires permits. Details regarding oversized transport are presented in the table below.